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The real judge of any product brand is its credibility and market acceptability. Here are just a few of the many testimonials from loyal Magtech Ammunition shooters:

“Without a doubt, Magtech is the most dependable ammo I’ve used. When I step up to the line with Magtech rounds in my cylinder, I stand with peace of mind that my ammo won’t let me down.”

Jerry Miculek
Professional Shooter

“I’m an avid shooter and a great fan of your ammunition . . . I use it exclusively for target practice and for my home defense rounds. I’ve never once had a problem with a single round of it and I’ve shot probably close to 10,000 rounds of it over the past year. Thank you for your time and most of all thank you to your company for bringing some wonderful ammunition to this country.”

Jason B.
Dept. of Homeland Security

“The ammunition that Magtech is producing is the best I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot of ammunition! You and your company should be very proud.”

Ronald P. Morton
Tactical Range Director, Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club

“When the largest public indoor shooting facility in the world opened its doors in April, 2004, we selected Magtech to fulfill our ammunition needs. It makes perfect sense that the most state-of-the-art indoor shooting facility chose the most technologically advanced ammunition. Over 1.5 million rounds of Magtech have functioned flawlessly, with complete customer satisfaction. After carefully reviewing all of our options, Magtech was able to provide us with the broadest selection, fastest delivery, and lowest prices. Most importantly, Magtech cares about their customers with quick and comprehensive service.”

Mark Hanish
Director of Sales and Marketing
Scottsdale Gun Club

“Thank you very much for the information and your quick response. I am an over-the-top optimist. I always expect a quick and informative response such as yours but am all too often disappointed. It is companies like Magtech and nice folks like you that restore and affirm my optimism! It also makes it very easy to choose products when there is more than one company to choose from.”

Dennis Morales

“I have a Colt SAA, special ordered from the Colt custom shop long ago, and no combination of case, bullet, and powder would really make the thing shoot the way I thought it should . . . accuracy wise. The Colt people wanted to take a look at it . . . they did a couple of cosmetic things then test fired the gun with your (Magtech) ammo, using only an arm rest, at 15 meters. The six-shot group appears to be about ¾”, center to center. I’ve been reloading, casting, and swaging for 44 years . . . the (Magtech) accuracy is quite a bit better than anything I have been able to get with the wide variety of powders, bullets, and cases.”

Phil L.
Sent Via Email

“I have been testing the Magtech .500 S&W cartridges using a Smith & Wesson Model 500 Mag. Hunter with a 10.5” barrel length. I have shot 40 rounds and found great accuracy at 60 to 100 yards. These bullets shoot very clean and the shot casings are clean. Most definitely great quality at a great price. I am looking forward to other bullet options for this caliber from Magtech.”

Chris Millard

“I have shot several thousand rounds of Magtech .40 and .45 caliber ammunition while demonstrating Smith & Wesson products to the law enforcement community as well as competing in both USPSA and IDPA competition. Malfunctions are not an option in high performance handgun situations. I have never experienced a defective round thanks to Magtech’s high quality and ballistic consistency.”

John Podergois
Smith & Wesson
Regional Manager (Retired)

“The last 4,000 rounds through my CZ 75BD have been your 9mm, 124grain, FMJ. There's not been one single failure to fire or extract, and I haven't found any brand that's more accurate! Not surprisingly, it has performed equally well in my new CZ P-01.”

“Thanks for supplying such an excellent product.”

Fred H.
Sent Via Email

“I have been a long time pistol shooter and NRA certified pistol safety instructor. From a rest, I obtained consistent groups of one ragged hole with your .32 S&W Long Colt Wad Cutter in my Benelli . . . wonderful ammo!”

Guy Wilson

“Magtech produces reliable quality ammo at fair prices, and I will to use your brass for reloading and purchase the Guardian Gold ammo for self defense.”

Tim Farley

“Your Guardian Gold ammo is great! Keep up the good work!”

Peter Pfaff III
Pete’s Guns and Ammo

“Magtech advertises these loads as high-quality ammunition at a competitive price, and I have to agree . . . this ammunition looks like a good bet all the way around.”

Phil Johnston, Writer
Handguns Magazine