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There are two types of handgun cartridges, those used in semi-automatic pistols and those used in revolvers and single-shot pistols. Semi-automatic casings are usually rimless to assist feeding through the clip. Revolver casings are generally rimmed, although some revolvers can use rimless or semi-rimmed handgun casings.

The smallest Magtech centerfire handgun cartridge is the 25 automatic and the largest is the 500 S&W. Magtech has a huge variety of calibers to choose from along with a wide variety of bullet styles, shapes and weights.

Handgun shooting is both fun and challenging and there are many uses for handguns:

Recreation. The majority of handgun shooters are recreational shooters. “Plinking” as it is sometimes called is a favorite hobby of millions of shooters. Hitting tin cans or shooting paper targets can be fun for the whole family.

Competition. Handgun shooting is one of the fastest growing shooting sports in the United States. There are “Action Pistol Shooting” events all around the country as competitor’s race against the clock in multiple target shooting scenarios. “Bullseye” competitors shoot at paper targets for extreme accuracy. “Silhouette” shooters attempt to knock down animal shaped metal targets at challenging distances.

Hunting. Today almost every state in America allows handgun hunting (check your state regulations for rules and regulations). The popularity has grown due to the challenge and uniqueness to hunting with a handgun.

Personal Defense. Concealed Carry Permit States continue to expand as citizen’s fight for their rights to defend themselves and their families in life threatening situations. Training and frequent practice are strongly recommended. Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws is a must and carrying a handgun in public is a big responsibility.

Always remember that the most effective round of ammunition is the one used in trained hands. Call your local DNR office or contact the NRA to ask where the nearest firearm safety class is being offered. Eye and ear protection should be worn at all times to protect the shooter and bystanders.

Magtech offers a complete line of handgun ammunition for your enjoyment. Whatever caliber you choose to shoot, you can count on Magtech to deliver consistent quality and accurate performance.