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News Release:
For Immediate Release

Contact: Kim Cahalan


Magtech Ammunition, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of ammunition products, is looking for a competitive shooters.

To help amateur shooters achieve their highest goals on the competitive shooting circuit, Magtech proudly announces Team Magtech. Team Magtech is focused on highly talented shooters who are working their way through the amateur ranks to become the professional shooters of tomorrow. Also created was the Magtech “Gold Team”, a Premier Shooters Support Program for a limited number of Master Level professional shooters. The “Gold Team” selection committee will not only review a history of match results but will also review personal conduct, including the potential for representing Magtech’s quality products when talking to fans and the media.

For the past 80 years, Magtech Ammunition has been using the highest quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the shooting industry with exceptional standards for ammunition manufacturing and distribution. Each round is designed and constructed to meet SAAMI and CIP technical specifications for reliability, consistency and safety.

For more information on Team Magtech Rewards, check out their Contingency Program and the entire Team Magtech Program and other products offered by Magtech, log on to or contact: Magtech Ammunition, Inc. at 6845 20th Avenue South, Suite 120; Centerville, MN 55038; (800) 466-7191