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News Release:
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Contact: Kim Cahalan


Magtech continues the tradition of offering superior performance and exceptional value as they proudly introduce their 2006 New Products. Magtech takes pride in offering new centerfire rifle calibers in .223, .308 and 50 BMG that feature quality, dependability, innovation and value. The .223, .308 and 50 BMG are used in recreational and training applications, featuring FMJ bullets. Magtech listens to shooters to better understand how, when and why their products are used. This has lead to the development of the .45 GAP, the .40PS, and the .500 S&W Featherweight®. The .45 GAP is for recreational and training applications, featuring a FMJ bullet. The .500 S&W Featherweight® reduces recoil by up to 30% for recreational shooting pleasure.

Magtech also offers new components featuring Magtech’s Solid Copper Hollow Point projectiles in several popular calibers for those who reload for hunting and personal protection. Magtech also introduces Clean Range Small Pistol Primers for reloaders, featuring non-toxic, lead and heavy metal free priming composition.

For the past 80 years, Magtech Ammunition has been using the highest quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the shooting industry with exceptional standards for ammunition manufacturing and distribution. Each round is designed and constructed to meet SAAMI and CIP technical specifications for reliability, consistency and safety.

For more information on the new products and complete product line offered by Magtech Ammunition, Inc., log on to or contact: Magtech Ammunition, Inc. at 6845 20th Avenue South, Suite 120; Centerville, MN 55038; (800) 466-7191