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Building a great product that is consistent and dependable is mandatory for any world class manufacturer.  High quality demands extreme efforts in every single step of the production, be it research and development, production, engineering or quality control.

Reliability and performance are a direct result of extensive quality control.  Each phase of production undergoes a thorough inspection, with the final inspection using a sophisticated electronic measurement system to determine correct chamber feeding.

From the first step to the final assembled cartridge, the machine operator has no physical contact with the product being manufactured as the state-of-the-art equipment is fully automatic.  Only after passing each and every stage is the loaded round approved for final packaging.

Each and every ammunition lot produced at CBC is evaluated in the Ballistic Laboratory. Tests are monitored using very precise computers, which check the ammunition performance levels, including its velocity, pressure, accuracy, impact, and sensitivity.

Our testing facility includes six shooting tunnels ranging from 50 yard to 500 yards in length. All of the information generated during the ammunition tests are automatically re-tested and stored in our computers databases.
And if all of that isn’t enough, almost every round of Magtech ammunition is manufactured in accordance with SAAMI, CIP, US Mil. or NATO technical specifications, for reliability, consistency, and safety.  For real world situations, our products also get practical testing and approval by the Brazilian Armed Forces as well as the main proof houses in Europe, such as the Vienna Proof House.