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Considered as one of the most modern handgun ammunition production areas in the world, this factory produces several hundred million rounds per year, with a diversified product range for use in semiautomatic handguns and revolvers, ranging from calibers .25 auto on up to .500 S&W.

Production of the cartridge case starts after receipt of the brass raw materials in the plant. Beginning on stage one, the equipment draws, lathe cuts, mills, drills and reams brass cups, in a continuous process until the final cartridge case is produced. Special mechanical and electronic gauges inspect every case during the different manufacturing stages and up to the final dimensional approval.

Only after the brass case has passed inspection, is it primed with reliable ignition primers from our primer plant, loaded with the finest clean-burning propellants from our propellants plant, and assembled with one of many gourmet bullet configurations, which of course was also made in-house.