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Considered one of the most modern plants in the world, our Single Base Powder Plant is proud to have the state-of-the-art technology developed in house by our talented engineering design team.  The process configuration with computer controlled operations and on line quality control secures the highest degree of consistently reproducible product quality and very uniform ballistic performance of all the propellants produced.

The production capabilities extend from the smallest flakes for boosters through shotshells, industrial power-load cartridges, and pistol and revolver powders to all commercial and military rifles and heavy artillery ammunition propellants.

In every phase of the manufacturing process, the safety of our employees is always foremost on our minds.  All the buildings have been built within very rigid safety standards, and as you can see, special details in our landscape have provided for cuts and slopes in order to secure the best safety in the area.  Due to the automation, the few people working here usually wear white coats and work in chemical and testing laboratories. With the aid of ultra-modern instruments and technology, raw material for the powder production as well as the finished products are permanently being analyzed and monitored. The chemical and physical tests data of all powders produced in the factory are stored in computers and are always available when required.