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Magtech’s U.S.A. operation is located near Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This facility contains distribution and logistics operations, as well as the all business functions to support the United States sales and marketing of Magtech ammunition products. Magtech Ammunition Company does not manufacture and does not export products or services outside of the United States.


CBC’s main industrial complex is located in the city of Ribeirao Pires in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The facility encompasses over 500 acres with 377,000 square feet of building space. This huge complex contains several integrated factories including our propellant and primer composition manufacturing operations, several final assembly ammunition plants, and it is home to our world headquarters.

CBC also has a second industrial complex, located in the south of Brazil that is dedicated to the production of firearms and shotshells.

Magtech Distribution Center Europe is located in the Free Port of Hamburg, in Germany. This facility provides distribution and logistic assistance to every Magtech representative in Europe.