I'm an instructor for Federal Law Enforcement and the quality of the ammunition we have to use is pretty poor. We shoot MILSPEC ammo, which means it's designed to fire every time you pull the trigger.…

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Safe Gun Storage

Rules for Safe Gun Storage

  1. Keep all guns and ammunition out of the reach of children, untrained adults, and those who would use them improperly.
  2. Always keep your guns locked in a Gun Safe that cannot be easily broken into or taken away. If one is not available, use a Cable Lock or Trigger Lock (one that goes behind the trigger is preferred) and store the guns out of the reach of those who should not have access to them.
  3. Keep the keys to gun safes and gun locks hidden and out of the reach of those who should not have access to them.
  4. Store your guns unloaded and with the safety on.
  5. Keep the guns dry, cleaned, and oiled while in storage.
  6. Store guns and ammunition in a dry cool place and away from heat and fire.

Always keep your guns secure in some way when you have children and/or untrained people in your home. You can buy a steel gun cabinet that will hold hand guns, several long rifles, or shotguns for around a $100 and you can buy a Cable or Trigger lock for around $20. Every gun storage situation is different, but there is a locking method for every situation.


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