For some strange reason, in my course of (admittedly amateur) shooting, I've gravitated toward the .40 caliber. Just seems like when I've had to rent a pistol, .40 was what was available. That said, I…

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The CBC Ammo Group consists of four internationally recognized ammunition brand names: Magtech, CBC, Sellier & Bellot and MEN. CBC Ammo’s trusted global brands have produced high-performance and dependable ammunition products to the shooting sports marketplace since 1825.  With billions of rounds of small-caliber ammunition sold in more than 100 countries, you can be confident that an industry leader stands behind your purchase with the products and services you deserve. The innovation is clear. The workmanship is evident. The quality speaks for itself. Being good at what we do isn’t arrogance when it’s backed up with 189 years of proof and millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

If you are an OEM Ammunition Manufacturer, make the CBC Group your first choice for affordable, high quality components that are manufactured to meet and exceed the most exacting performance and quality control standards in the ammunition industry!


  • Centerfire Rifle Primers
  • Centerfire Pistol Primers
  • Primed or Unprimed Rifle Brass
  • Primed or Unprimed Pistol Brass
  • Unprimed Shotshell Brass
  • Rifle Bullets
  • Pistol Bullets

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