This ammo is strong, no FTF, no misfeeds or extraction problems. Consistency and report is excellent. For the price in the market right now, this is hands down the best ammo I have fired. gimme more! …

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Welcome to the new United States website for Magtech ammunition.  Together with our teammates in the CBC Group (Magtech, MEN, CBC, and S&B), we celebrate our position as one of the world leaders in the engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of small arms ammunition products to military, law enforcement and commercial markets around the world. In 2015, the CBC Group will celebrate 190 years of manufacturing excellence and we continue to set the world standard for producing superior performance ammunition. Over the years we have produced billions of rounds of small-caliber ammunition for millions of shooters and hunters worldwide. If you haven’t tried our quality ammunition products why not make the switch. Rest assured that no matter what your sport or circumstance, you can always depend on each and every round of Magtech, CBC, MEN and S&B ammunition to perform as promised.

Throughout the past 190 years, our company and its employees have symbolized the innovative spirit, tenacity and personal pride that it takes to be successful. Our success is attributed to the passion of so many; our employees, our dealers, our customers; all those who together, comprise the greater CBC Ammo family. We invite you to share in the celebration of our story, our history, our brand, our people and our products.

Our story is unique, our history is rich, and our growth and success rival the best in the shooting sports industry. The CBC Ammo brand of Sellier & Bellot was established in 1825 by a French merchant named Louis Sellier. Louis Sellier began manufacturing percussion caps for infantry firearms in a factory in Prague on the request of Franz I, the Emperor of Austria. Louis Sellier was soon joined by his countryman Jean Maria Nicolaus Bellot, who led the company to quickly gain momentum. Sellier & Bellot products soon established themselves on both European and North American markets. As early as 1830 the manufacture of percussion caps was in excess of 60 million and by 1855 the global demand allowed Sellier & Bellot to raise annual production to an enormous quantity of 600 million primers of various designs.

Today, the CBC Ammo group produces over 1 billion ammunition cartridges annually.  Since our early beginnings, our company has emphasized quality in products and workmanship, and cooperative relationships among customers, dealers, business associates, and employees. Our focus has always been to satisfy the demanding and continually changing needs of our customers.

As a state-of-the-art ammunition company, we take quality control and test management to an extreme level. Modern manufacturing techniques such as computer control and visual inspection systems have been introduced, and stringent quality and cost control processes have helped us remain competitive in the world ammunition marketplace.

We have indeed gone through many changes. But the one thing that hasn't changed since 1825 is our commitment to outstanding quality and workmanship on every cartridge that rolls off our production line.

1492 - Christopher Columbus sails to North America from Europe

1547 - Flintlock Invented

1775 - Revolutionary War Begins

1776 - Declaration of Independence Signed

1787 - U.S. Constitution Drafted: 2nd Amendment Guarantees Right to Bear Arms

1804 - Lewis & Clark Expedition Begins

1825 - Sellier & Bellot Ammunition Established (CBC Group)

1836 - The Alamo is Fought

1855 – First Center Primed Shotshell

1864 - Smokeless Powder Invented

1866 – Berdan Primer Patented

1871 - NRA Founded

1887 - Boone & Crockett Club Established

1926 – CBC Ammunition Established (CBC Group)

1937 – Ducks Unlimited Founded

1941 – Pearl Harbor

1957 – MEN Ammunition Established (CBC Group)

1961 – Pope & Young Club Founded

1971 – Safari Club International Established

1973 – National Wild Turkey Federation Established

1984 – Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Chartered

1990 – Magtech Ammunition Established (CBC Group)


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