Used in SASS competition. Better ammo than I am a shooter, LOL.

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About Us

It is the goal of Magtech Ammunition and the CBC Group to provide our customers with the highest quality ammunition products and services. Quality and continuous improvement are the guiding principles for each and every employee.

  • Engineering will provide timely, state-of-the-art, high-quality ammunition solutions that meet our customer requirements.
  • Manufacturing will ensure that product components are of high quality and that the final ammunition products manufactured meet or exceed specifications.
  • Quality Assurance will objectively verify product interior, exterior and terminal ballistic quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Sales will be conducted with courtesy and integrity to ensure that the ammunition products and services we provide satisfy the customer's needs.
  • Order Processing will provide prompt, responsive, and accurate delivery of ammunition products and billing information.
  • Marketing will develop ammunition product requirements that reflect the needs of the market and a global customer base and will position our ammunition products in a professional manner.
  • Customer Support will provide courteous, prompt, and accurate resolution of customer satisfaction.

All of these activities result in high quality products and services that establish a loyal and satisfied customer base consisting of military, law enforcement, hunting, self-defense and sport shooting enthusiasts. Our employees are committed to generating positive customer experiences that reflect the actual and perceived quality delivered by Magtech Ammunition and the CBC Group.


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