Trick or Treat: 6 Halloween Safety Tips

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Tonight can be a fun family event and is the time of year when we might indulge in some unsafe behavior. At Magtech Ammunition, we strive to help all people and families be safe throughout the year when it comes to firearms, hunting and self-defense. Although Halloween doesn’t necessarily fall in these categories, we want to share a few Halloween safety tips to make it a great night for all.

  1. Set a Plan:

    Our first Halloween Safety tip is one that both parents of young and older children should follow. Having a plan sets up any project or night for success, especially if your children are a little bit older and would like to trick or treat by themselves or with friends. Pre-planning the route they should take and telling them which areas and neighborhoods are the safe and well-lit will help ease everyone’s minds.

  2. Set a Schedule:

    Tonight’s routine is going to be a little abnormal. Setting a schedule will help add some normalcy to the night. If you do have a child that is going out with friends, take advantage of the technology – make sure they carry a cellphone, maybe even one with a GPS Tracker.

  3. Be Bright/Wear Reflective Gear:

    Since the sun has been setting earlier and earlier, there is a very good chance that you and your child may be out after dark. Help drivers and other people on the road see you by wearing brightly colored costumes, reflectors or reflective tape. Carry a flashlight, which will also help you see your way.

  4. Inspect Candy Before Eating It:

    Probably the most tempting part of the night will be to not eat any of the candy until after you get home. Inspect the candy to make sure it hasn’t been opened, tampered with or contain ingredients your child is sensitive or allergic to. Remember when in doubt, throw it away.

  5. Talk about Potential Dangers:

    Talk about the importance of safe behaviors. Some points to highlight are; stay out of unsafe neighborhoods, never go into a stranger’s house to get a treat, and avoid participating in dangerous or potentially illegal activities. This Halloween safety tip can also be applied to other situations – talking with your child is one of the best ways to keep them safe.

  6. Drive Extra Safely:

    Since we know that many people will be out and about tonight, don’t forget to drive safely yourself. Remember to slow down, especially in residential neighborhoods where excited children may not be paying attention. Take extra time to look for people at intersections and when entering or exiting driveways and alleys.

While everyone may have different activities lined up for tonight, we hope that everyone takes time to set a plan and take the precautions to make it a fun and safe night for all. Happy Halloween!



Magtech Ammunition
Magtech Ammunition