Tips for Purchasing a Conceal Carry Firearm

Tips for Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun

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Most people purchase a gun and get a conceal carry license for a variety of reasons. Purchasing the right gun to protect yourself is no easy decision and is not something that someone can pick out for you, according to the article 4 Ways to Choose Your First Concealed-Carry Gun by Brad Fitzpatrick. Choosing a gun to protect yourself is a personal decision and it needs to fit your security needs. It can be a very daunting choice if you are new to guns.

Below are four tips to help make purchasing your first concealed carry gun a little easier.

1. Do Your Homework

Take the time to do a little research. Educating yourself about different guns options and price pointes will help you make an informed decision at the store. Do research online and check out the numerous books that have been written about the best handguns and guns for protection.

2. Take “Expert” Advice with a Grain of Salt

According to the article, “Beware of advice that starts and ends with someone else telling you exactly which gun to buy, and avoid the confusing and oftentimes ill-informed rants that erupt on gun forum sites. The best thing that an “expert” can do for you is to show you how to safely handle and shoot a semiautomatic pistol and revolver, and spend time with you on the range. This will help you master the basics and will better prepare you to make good decisions regarding which firearm suits you best.”

3. Attend the NRA Annual meeting & Exhibits

“The NRA Show,” as it is commonly called, brings almost every handgun manufacturer in the nation together in one location. This is the perfect opportunity to ask question and see as many gun options as you would like. The pressure to buy is off since they cannot sell you a firearm at the show.

4. Buy from a Trusted Source

Asking other shooters where they bought their guns can help you uncover hidden gems. From the large firearms store to small hometown businesses, asking your friends and family members where they bought their guns can lead you to the best deals and best gun stores.

Sellier and Bellot
Sellier and Bellot

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