Taking Care of Our Public Shooting Ranges

Sellier and Bellot

Below is this week’s Into The Fray video which discusses how we need take better care of our public shooting ranges. “This is what we as shooters are doing and we need to stop this.” The video goes on to discuss that this is the main reason there are more private shooting ranges than public shooting ranges. Not taking care of our public shooting ranges also discourages new shooters from trying the sport. New shooters have said they just don’t have a place to practice.

We thought it would be a good time to review the Range Etiquette:

  •  Always pick up your spent cases and/or shells when you’re done shooting.
  • Always take down your targets when you’re done shooting.
  •  Always straighten up your area before you leave.
  • Never eat or drink while shooting. After shooting, always wash your hands and face before you eat or drink. It is also a good idea to change your clothes as soon as possible and put them in the wash to avoid spreading powder residue.

Are you someone who cleans up after yourself when you are at a public shooting range? Let us know in the comments how we can take better care of our shooting ranges.



Sellier and Bellot
Sellier and Bellot