Self–Defense Planning: Prioritizing Needs & Skills

Sellier and Bellot

Creating a self-defense plan can be an overwhelming task. As a topic, self-defense can encompass many different specialty areas. Instead of trying to get everything accomplished at once, sitting down and prioritizing your needs and skills will help you come up with a better self-defense plan.

Self-Defense Plan: Needs

What are the things you want your self-defense plan to accomplish? Do you want to have a safer home or neighborhood? Having your family be safer by having a communication plan and training in case a disaster strikes? Being better to defend yourself in case of a theft or assault? Do you have the right equipment and defensive tools to act on your self-defense plan?
Once you have the list of what your self-defense needs are, figure out what is most worrisome for you. Trying to build up your security on all fronts at the same time will be ineffective. Instead set a list of which needs are the most important to look at first.

Self-Defense Plan: Skills

After you have a list of what your needs are, prioritize your skills. What type of self-defense skills should you be concerned with? What type of style of self-defense do you want your family to use? For example, if you are a nurse, you may not need medical training in case of an emergency but you may need more training on how to handle a gun properly if that is the method of self-defense you decide to go with.

Having a self-defense plan is important but can be a daunting task. Breaking it into steps and having self-defense plans can help make it a very manageable goal. The video below goes into more detail of how on prioritize your needs and skills.

Sellier and Bellot
Sellier and Bellot