Safe Gun Storage

Safe Gun Storage Tips

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Did you know that June is National Safety Month? The National Safety Council’s theme this year is “Keeping Each Other Safe.” In honor of that theme we want to discuss safe gun storage tips.
Safe gun storage is important to adhere to all year long, but especially during the Summer. With school being out and kids having extra free hours, more mischievousness can happen. Curiosity and not knowing the proper handling of a gun can lead to accidents. To help prevent this and keep everyone that enters your home safe, below are few tips on how to safely store a gun.

Safe Gun Storage Tips

  • Keep all guns and ammunition out of the reach of children, untrained adults, and those who would use them improperly.
  • Always keep your guns locked in a Gun Safe that cannot be easily broken into or taken away.
  • Keep the keys to gun safes and gun locks hidden and out of the reach of those who should not have access to them.
  • Store your guns unloaded and with the safety on.
  • Keep the guns dry, cleaned, and oiled while in storage.
  • Store guns and ammunition in a dry cool place and away from heat and fire.

There are a few different options to safely store a gun in your home.

Cable Lock:

A cable lock can allow quick access to a gun, while also being compatible with most firearms.

Gun Case:

This is an ideal choice if you are looking to legally transport, conceal or protect your registered firearm. Gun cases can be made out of a variety of materials which can make them pretty affordable. For extra security, also lock with an external locking device.

Electronic or Non-Electronic Lock Box:

Both types of lock boxes allow safe storage and legal transportation of registered firearms. The bonus of having an electronic lock box is the added security of entering in a code before it will open.

Gun Safes:

There are numerous kinds and sizes of gun safes available today. Depending on what type and where you would like it to go there are various options. Some gun safe benefits include protecting contents from the elements and added security of only allowing certain people to have access.
While these are only a few options, everyone’s needs and situation areas are different. Research where and what storage option is best for you and your loved ones.

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