Quick Review of Our Hunting Safety Tips

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Fall has arrived! That means it is also one of the best time of the year…Hunting Season! While each state has different start and end dates, we want to re-share our Hunting Safety Tips. No matter if you are an experienced hunter or not, it is always a good idea to review and to continually be learning.

Hunting Safety Tips:

  • Follow the 12 golden rules.
  • When hunting in a group, always pick one person to act as a Safety Officer for the day or trip.
  • Establish and share everyone’s zone of fire with each other and know where everyone is at all times.
  • Always keep the gun safety on until you intend to shoot
  • Never climb over anything with a loaded gun in your hand or on your person.
  •  Never use a scope on a gun as Binoculars.
  •  If you fall or trip, control your muzzle. Afterward, check the gun for damage and/or obstructions in the barrel.
  •  When in doubt; don’t shoot.

Below is also the 12 Golden Rules to review as well.

  1. Always treat the gun as loaded.
  2. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Always keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Always keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to use it.
  5. Never point the gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy.
  6. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
  7. Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of the gun you are using.
  8. Always use proper Ammunition.
  9. Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before loading and shooting.
  10. If your gun fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, hold your shooting position for several seconds; then with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, carefully unload the gun.
  11. Don’t rely on the gun’s safety to keep it from firing.
  12. Be aware of your surroundings when handling guns so you don’t trip or lose your balance and accidentally point and/or fire the gun at anyone or anything.

We strongly advocate good hunting ethics, family involvement, and most importantly, firearms safety. Check out our website for more hunting and shooting tips such as safe gun storage, gun etiquette, and our hunting photo tips. Have a safe and fun hunt!

Magtech Ammunition
Magtech Ammunition