Proactive Ways to Prepare for the End of the World

Sellier and Bellot

We have discussed many ways to prepare for a worst case scenario, which includes acquiring survival skills, stocking up on ammunition and food and having a bug out plan. According to the article Proactive Preparedness by the Ready for Anything Wire “We may be able to minimize their impacts by a little proactive thinking and a little hard work.” Below are a few end-of-the-world scenarios and ways we can proactively prepare for them as discussed in the article.

Economic Collapse

The best way to be prepared for an economic collapse is to consider a plan for financial stability. “If you are in debt, work to retire those debts. Live a lifestyle of spending what you can afford.” In an economic collapse, having cash, gold and silver on hand is also a good idea. The article also mentions having it actually on hand, not in a bank where permission might be needed to get it.

Natural Disasters

According to the article, “Natural disasters are tough to prepare for. The weather cannot be controlled or stopped. Earthquakes cannot be stopped. However being informed and observant can go a long way to minimize damage or distress from a natural disaster.” They suggest getting a good quality NOAA weather radio and to keep it active as it is used for more than providing dangerous weather information.

Collapse of Our Government

The article notes that the collapse of the government could be the most dangerous event possible. Even if you dislike many things our government does, it does provide many important services. “Without our current government, our nation would be wide open to takeover by various groups or nations.” The best way to be proactive is to start getting involved. You have a duty to make your government work for you, so contact elected officials and let your feelings be known. Voting is the best way to get involved, as everyone should vote in every election they are eligible for.

Let us know which end of the scenario you preparing for!

Sellier and Bellot
Sellier and Bellot