National Shooting Sports Month

National Shooting Sports Month

Magtech Ammunition

August is the first annual National Shooting Sports Month! Magtech Ammunition is excited to announce that we will be joining the National Shooting Sports Foundation in a nationwide celebration of target shooting. Target shooting is one of the best ways to expand your shooting and self-defense skills and get familiar with a new shooting style/firearm.

Many Americans are passionate about target shooting and not only participate, but are interested in continually building on their skills. Target shooting is a pastime that can provide lifetime enjoyment for individuals and families. According to a July 27th, 2017 press release from the NSSF, it is reported that “An estimated 50 million Americans participate in target shooting sports, and millions more have expressed interest in learning about rifle, shotgun and handgun shooting.”

The National Shooting Sport foundation, along with gun ranges and retail stores across the country, will have events going on all month long. Want to get involved in the fun?

Ideas on How to Participate:

  • Introduce Someone New or Reintroduce Yourself to The Gun Range
    Bring a friend along, whether they are new to the sport or are just new to your favorite shooting range. An outing to the gun range is also a fun date night activity. Haven’t been to the range in a while? Find the one nearest to you and rediscover shooting.
  • Firearm Safety is a Wise Practice
    A great way to participate (all year long) is to always practice safe gun handling, shooting, and storing of your firearm. Click here to brush up on a few safety tips.
  • Educate and Celebrate the Tradition of Target Shooting
    We, as Americans, have unique rights and freedoms of gun ownership. Educating the next generation on these rights and traditions is a wonderful way to support the sport.
  • Share Your Event on the NSSF’s Events and Promotions page
    Let people know what deals you have going on and that you support National Shooting Sports Month. Click here to add your event.
  • Post It
    What are you doing this month in recognition of National Shooting Sports Month? Post it on social media using the NSSF’s hashtag – #LetsGoShooting.
  • Manners Matter
    Before you head out to the shooting range, brush up on range etiquette. Respecting the sport and passing range etiquette on to younger generations is not only important, but also promotes safety.

See you on the range!

Magtech Ammunition
Magtech Ammunition

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