Four More Reloading Tips

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Reloading is a fun and rewarding hobby for any gun enthusiast. Being able to customize your ammunition to your own personal tastes can help improve shooting ability and the function of your gun. As we have discussed before, other added benefits of reloading is the price and availability.

Reloading can help lower the cost of purchasing ammunition, by reusing the brass and not having to deal with prices going up because of what’s going on in the world. Reloading also allows you to be in control of restocking your own supply without waiting for a supplier’s ammunition to be back in stock.

Basic gun handling knowledge helps make shooting sports safer and the same is true for reloading. Below are few more reloading tips.

Keep your workbench clean.

Keep a tidy workspace. This will make things go much smoother and you are less likely to run into problems. Scales can easily give false readings…even touching a stack of papers can cause inaccurate measurements. Immediately clean up any spills. Use a dust brush and pan instead of a vacuum to prevent fire/explosion hazards.

Keep all components in their original container and stored properly.

Do not store primers, powders, or other components in anything but their original containers. You need the container for proper identification. The factory containers are designed for long-term storage and are the safest and best way to keep the components. Always read the warning labels and follow the recommended storage method (usually in a cool, dry place).

Establish a good routine and follow it exactly.

You will hopefully develop a method where you will have your own little production line. Once you find a good routine, stick with it. You will likely have less errors if you are consistent.

Always check for overpressure signs while shooting your loads.

If a load seems strange, stop shooting it. Look for primer flattening flow back. Case bulging, or difficulty with extraction. These are good indicators that your loads are too hot. Stop shooting them immediately and step your loads down. If recoil is severe (more so than with similar factory loads), then stop shooting them. A chronograph is a nice way to keep track of velocity. If the shots are significantly faster than what you were working for, you may have overpressure loads.
You can have low pressure loads, too. If you get a mild pop instead of the usual BANG, stop shooting and check your barrel for a stuck bullet. Never try to shoot out a bullet. It will ruin your barrel or gun and possibly cause severe injury to the shooter or bystanders!

The above are just a few tips. Reading loading manuals and researching reloading tips can help expand your knowledge and keep the hobby of reloading as safe as possible.

Magtech Ammunition
Magtech Ammunition

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