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Today is Flag Day! A holiday that was created to celebrate the flag’s birthday. Although June has its fair share of historical holidays; June 6th was D-Day, which was the allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. June 19th is Juneteenth Day, which commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas and throughout the Confederate South. Flag Day celebrations can include parades and past presidents encourage the display and celebration of the flag for the entire week. The most common celebration of Flag Day is to display a flag outside your office or home.

This year to celebrate Flag Day, we dug out five fun facts from the Fox News Article, Flag Day facts: 10 things you didn’t know about the American Flag.

  • Historians believe that Francis Hopkinson should be credited with designing the flag.
    History books often site that Betsy Ross designed the flag but the only evidence of this came from her own grandson in 1870. Early journals from the Continental Congress name him as the flag’s creator.
  • The flags current design was created by Robert G. Heft in the 1950’s.
    Heft was 17 at the time and created it for a history project before submitting it to Congress for consideration. Heft’s design was chosen (out of the 1,500 other applicants) by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • Five out of the six flags left on the moon by the Apollo missions are still standing.
    “According to Buzz Aldrin, the one that fell was blown over by the exhaust from Apollo 11 during its liftoff from the moon’s surface.”
  • The Flag’s Official colors can be found in the U.S Department of State Style Guide.
    The flag’s official colors are “old glory red”, “white”, and “old glory blue” according to the U.S Department of State. Also, included in the style guide are the HTML codes and Pantone equivalents.
  • The nickname for the flag “Old Glory” was started by William Driver.
    It was the specific nickname for his U.S flag that was given to him by the women in his hometown of Salem, MA. The nickname caught on and became synonymous with the American flag.

This is just a selection of facts discussed in the article, read the full article to discover more about the American Flag. In search of more Flag Day tidbits, check out our video from last year which is below.

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