Before Hitting the Range, Brush Up on some Gun Etiquette

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Many people go to the shooting range in the winter months to keep their shooting and defensive skills sharp. While going to a shooting range year-round is a great way to build your shooting and defensive skills, we also thought now would be a good time to review gun and range etiquette. Although gun etiquette isn’t always taught, it is something everyone who is around guns should know.

Gun & Range Etiquette

  • The first thing you should do when you pick up any gun is to check if it’s loaded.
  • Before you pick up or accept a gun from someone, make sure you know how it works. If you don’t know or can’t remember, don’t be embarrassed to ask someone to show you. It’s just the smart thing to do.
  • At the gun range, always pick up your spent cases and/or shells when you’re done shooting.
  • At the gun range, always take down your targets when you’re done shooting.
  • Always straighten up your area before you leave the gun range.
  • Never eat or drink while shooting. After shooting, always wash your hands and face before you eat or drink. It is also a good idea to change your clothes as soon as possible and put them in the wash to avoid spreading powder residue. Also, alcohol and/or drugs should never be consumed and/or used when handling firearms.
  • Handle the guns of others with care and respect.

Going to the gun range can be a fun and rewarding experience. It is a great way to build skills while enjoying a practical pastime. We always want to try and take care of our gun ranges so everyone can enjoy learning and practicing. Read more safety and etiquette tips on our website. Hope you make it to the gun range this winter!

Magtech Ammunition
Magtech Ammunition