3 Tips for Calling Turkeys

3 Ruses to use when Calling Turkeys

Sellier and Bellot

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Flowers start to bloom, temperatures get steadily warmer and animals start to move around. This time of year also means it’s spring turkey season. For many hunters, the challenge of turkey season is finding the birds and getting them into your shot area. With turkey season coming to a close, the NRA American Hunter recounts a few ruses they have witnessed and successfully used ever since.

1. Gobble Like a Jake

This ruse is good to use on subdominant turkeys¬–toms that have been pushed around by more dominate or aggressive male turkeys. Normal calling doesn’t usually to get a reaction from them, so try calling as if you were a jake (a young male turkey). Instead of full-throated gobbles, try to make a noise “like a teenager trying to sound tough as his voice cracks.” This should be enough to get the timid toms to move into range.

2. Bring a Whole Flock

In this day and age you don’t have to rely on only one type of turkey call. Many gobblers may have learned that yelping is really a person with a gun, not another turkey. Bringing a multitude of different calls with you and using them at one time fools turkeys into believing you are really a flock.

3. Walk Away Calling

This is a great technique to use while partner hunting a gobbler who doesn’t have hens. “You call. He gobbles. You move away and call. He gobbles. You keep this up for, say, 200 yards. Finally, you use some terrain feature to hide your movement as you slip back 100 yards without making a sound.” If you are hunting with a partner, have one call while the other hides waiting for the turkey to follow.

These are just a few of the turkey calling ruses the article discusses. Read the full story here: http://www.americanhunter.org/articles/2016/3/18/convincers-for-call-shy-gobblers/

Sellier and Bellot
Sellier and Bellot

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