3 Reasons to Start Reloading

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While there are many reasons to start reloading as a hobby, an election year adds an interesting one. The focus of policies and bills will be changing this time next year as our new president and elected officials settle in. Since some of the candidates have made stricter gun and ammunition control part of their campaigns, the sales of guns and ammo may go up or run out of stock. We wanted to discuss a few reasons to reconsider the reloading hobby for both the avid hunter, the prepper and the common person concerned with their safety.


As we know, when there is a push to ban a certain gun or ammunition, people decide they need it. There are many examples of politicians starting talks about bans, sending people into a tizzy as they rush to make sure they are stocked before the ban or change goes into place. Skip the waiting game by creating your own bullets with reloading. This will allow you to be in control of stocking back up when you get low.


According to the article by Grandview Outdoors titled “Is it Time to Reconsiders Reloading, “If 2016 is anything like 2008, a close race or a final win by a left-leaning candidate could equal a race for the ammo aisle in many sporting goods stores. That’s what occurred after the 2008 election and every time a politician (one in particular) opens his/her mouth about firearm control or ammunition restrictions, sales of both shoot through the roof.” Reloading is also cost-effective because you can reuse the brass a few times, saving money instead of just throwing the spent casings away.


Reloading can allow you to customize your ammunition to your needs and personal taste. Since each load is made by hand, you can improve the function. The article by Grandview Outdoors goes on to state that “Reloading gives you the freedom to tune a load and improve the function of a particular firearm. Your predator rifle is like your body. It may run fine with water, but slam a Red Bull and suddenly you have a zip in your step to complete a task with efficiency. A new bullet, a few grains less of powder or even seating a bullet differently could make a world of difference in a 3-shot group at the range.” It also brings up the point that ammunition made for rare guns can be easier to make, keeping that old/specialty gun still useable.

If you decided to try reloading, look into the different products you need to do it. Although picking items up secondhand can save money, newer technology can make reloading even easier to do. Whatever the reason may be that gets you to start reloading, be sure to do it safely and with the proper equipment. Check out our safety tips on Reloading on our website.

Magtech Ammunition
Magtech Ammunition