15 Forgotten Survival Items

Sellier and Bellot

We have written a few different articles about how to prepare for the worst case scenario. However, when prepping and training, sometimes we can still overlook certain items that we use more often than we are probably aware of. According to the Urban Survival Site, there are 15 items that can be overlooked when preparing for the end of the world as we know it or any worst- case scenario. These items are usually some of the first to run out at stores when disaster strikes and are items you shouldn’t be without for as long as you can.

  1. Aluminum Foil – This versatile product can be used for cooking, enhancing antennas, keeping sunlight out, wrapping up food, etc.
  2. Axes & Saws– If everything goes wrong, it might be handy to gather firewood without using electricity or gas.
  3. Entertainment – From acoustic instruments to baseballs, basketballs and other games, it is important to have something to stave off boredom and keep morale up.
  4. Book Lights – This one ties into the need for entertainment. Book lights last a long time and can help save batteries. Candlelight can be dim to read by.
  5. Duct Tape – Because it really can fix anything
  6. Clothes Lines and Pin – Without electricity, putting items in the dryer will not be an option anymore.
  7. Glasses and Repair Kits – If you wear corrective lenses, having a backup pair of glasses and a way to fix them could be huge in case something happens.
  8. Instant Coffee – If you one of the millions of people hooked on coffee, make sure you have a way to make it after the coffee pot won’t turn on.
  9. Map of Your Town – Since we live in an age of technology, Google Maps and GPS won’t be much help if the electricity goes out and your devices run out of battery life.
  10. Paper Plates – Just like on a camping trip, these will save water and time.
  11. Pet Supplies – Don’t forget about your furry housemates!
  12. Sewing Kit – If your clothes rip or tear, having access to new ones may not be possible or feasible. Being able to keep the ones you have in good condition will be a lifesaver. It wouldn’t hurt to take a few sewing classes or learn how to sew without a machine.
  13. Shoe Laces – You might not be able to get a new pair of shoes and laces can be useful for other things.
  14. Wind Up Clocks – Again, this would be to save batteries.
  15. Yard Bags and Ziploc bags – Heavy duty bags will be useful for the trash and debris that accumulates. Ziploc bags will help you keep things organized and dry.

These are only a few of the items they suggest. To read the full list, click here

Sellier and Bellot
Sellier and Bellot